Compare various features of board portal providers and point out the major differences between them

For the board of directors to bring maximum benefit to the nonprofit business, it is necessary to carefully consider and work out the main elements of building a corporate governance organization. Board management software is an indispensable element here. So, how does it work?

Board software solutions: common features

All the activities of the nonprofit board of directors are characterized by numerous rather complex processes and procedures in which it is not difficult to get confused or lose sight of something important. And the price of a mistake here is very high! That is why it is advisable to use special software solutions – support systems for the activities of collegial bodies. Such software solutions include, in particular, the board portal software, which allows you to systematize and automate most organizational issues, accounting, and control processes in the work of the collegial bodies.

The board portal system is designed to automate organizational processes and hold meetings of collegiate bodies of companies. The solution automates the process of holding meetings, from forming a calendar of events to fixing the decisions made in the draft protocol. This automation system helps bring meetings to a new level of efficiency and facilitates the work of members of collegiate bodies and secretaries who work with a large amount of paperwork.

Of course, the board software should be considered a tool for organizing communications and joint activities of the company's management. The platform provides automatic monitoring and accounting for the issuance and execution of questions and instructions, monitoring the status of execution, and assessing the performance discipline on issues and instructions of meetings. At the same time, the program also has deep capabilities to support administrative management methods, one of which is monitoring, controlling, and evaluating the performance discipline of company employees.

Setting goals,

What benefits can you get?

If you decide to introduce board management software into your company, you will get the following advantages:

  • Reducing the time for approval of documents – due to the rejection of paper workflow, transfer of approval through the mail, calls, and personal communication to the information system, automatic launch of approval when the document enters the board portal.
  • Building and configuring approval routes per the organization's regulations and business processes, the ability to scale electronic document management for any number of users, types of documents, and business processes.
  • A digital meeting with a built-in structured process increases the speed and stability of the work of all participants, and the company's management becomes mobile, like its top managers.
  • Formation and maintenance of a system for recording agendas, minutes, and decisions in an electronic database.
  • Improving the culture of management at the enterprise, training, and exchange of experience and knowledge through the maintenance and use of a single knowledge base on topics, questions, and assignments of meetings in the company.