How to remove the motherboard from Dell`s computer?

The motherboard is the second most important element of the computer system unit. It is a kind of framework that coordinates and integrates the work of many computer components. In this article, we will discuss how to remove the Dell motherboard.

What is the motherboard?

Motherboard (system board, motherboard) is one of the main elements of the computer system unit. The main function of the motherboard is to support the operation of all devices that are located in the system unit and connect to a computer (processor, RAM, video cards). For example, for built-in graphics and audio, the sound and picture are fed to the monitor screen, and access to the Internet is

The server motherboards are considered the most productive today. With their help, the programmers create the most powerful chains that perform tasks of any level of complexity. The design of this board differs in a large number of chips and sockets, with the help of which the connection of all necessary devices takes place. The presence of chips is guaranteed by the interaction of chain components with the processor.

The server motherboard is used for efficient work with hard drives, RAM, and a processor. Machines that are installed in the chain are equipped with border controls, which give the opportunity to significantly increase productivity.

Physically, the motherboard is a complex printed circuit board with many chips. Since all other devices are connected to it, it is a limiting factor when choosing other components or if there are already some components of the system, you will have to select the motherboard for them.

How to remove the motherboard?

With the diagnosis of the motherboard, everything is very difficult. The motherboard contains many components, and damage to any of them can cause the computer to malfunction. If a malfunction is suspected on the motherboard, you will first need to inspect it carefully. During the inspection, pay attention to the capacitors (whether there are traces of electrolyte on them) and to the traces of high temperature (changes in the color of the surface of the board or components). If you find these signs, you will most likely have to change the motherboard.

In order to remove the Dell motherboard from the depths of the system unit, you have to remove almost all of its internal devices. Then the following steps should be done:

  • Shut down the computer. Turn off the power to the motherboard by clicking the toggle switch on the back of the system unit. Also, physically unplug the computer and unplug it.
  • Loosen the screws that secure the sidewalls of the system unit. Remove the system unit walls.
  • Use a screwdriver to touch the metal housing of the system unit or battery. This is not a ritual at all, but a way to relieve stress, which accumulates statically.
  • Remove all cables and power cords from the connectors on the motherboard.
  • If you have a separate video card (and sometimes sound and other cards), remember that it is usually screwed to the back of the computer. Unscrew this screw, remove the wires leading from the motherboard to the video card. If the video card is supported in the connector by the latch keys, be sure to spread them apart. Carefully pull the video card out of the slot.
  • You can also remove RAM while the motherboard is still inside the system unit. To do this, press the latches, spread them apart, and pull out the RAM bar. Repeat this step for all RAM bars if there is more than one.
  • Locate and loosen all screws that secure the system board to the system unit case. Remove the motherboard from the unit. If necessary, remove the fan and processor. Place the board in an antistatic bag or shipping box.

Best macOS apps for your business and study

Today, the computer market is full of devices from many well-known brands – Asus, Dell, HP and others. Despite this, professional programmers, artists, musicians, and other successful people still prefer Apple technology. Next, we will talk about the benefits of an Apple computer, as well as what to look for when choosing and buying this device.

Why do people prefer macOS?

You cannot follow the market of technology, but the release of a new iPhone will never go unnoticed. Every year, hundreds of people line up in front of stores to be the first to get a brand new gadget. But why does everyone love Apple so much?

Apple is a brand that does not need a presentation. This is evidenced not only by the popularity of “apple” technology around the world but also by the company’s capital. By the way, Apple ranks second in the list of most expensive companies, behind the oil corporation Saudi Aramco. During its existence since April 1976, Apple has been able to take a leading position through manufacturers and create a real cult in the world of electronics.

MacBook – a part of a larger ecosystem

For many years, Apple has been developing software for its gadgets – programs and applications, like:

  • Pages (text editor for essays or written works);
  • Numbers (table editor);
  • Keynote (to create the most beautiful presentations);
  • FaceTime (enables group video calls with classmates and friends);
  • IMessage (one of the most secure messengers in the world);
  • iCloud (cloud storage that is immediately available and easy to use);
  • AirDrop (fast file transfer between devices);
  • Time Machine (allows you to back up to an external drive and in which case it is easy to restore any information).

These mac tools UK for work and study are intuitive, they are easy to work with, and the number of functions is huge. In addition, what is important for learning is the format of joint work when several people can work on the document at the same time. Work on a presentation with classmates – make it together, and immediately discuss the result.

The benefits of computers from Apple

So, let’s look at the reasons why successful people choose Apple computers:

  • Many users call the macOS operating system one of the main advantages of the devices of this brand. The ecosystem connects all Apple devices – computers, ultrabooks, smartphones, TVs, and even watches. Yes, you can turn on your iMac with a smart Apple Watch, or take calls to your iPhone from a desktop computer.
  • The situation with viruses on a Mac is much better than on Windows. Virus programs exist, but they are much smaller, plus they are regularly removed by the company itself.
  • Apple’s desktop design takes up very little space, as it consists of only one unit. Despite this, the iMac is not inferior to a large desktop PC, and in some respects surpasses them.
  • Realistic images. The pixel density in Retina’s display displays is so high that image processing, video editing, and regular movie viewing are a pleasure. Night Shift mode monitors the health of the computer owner, and automatic screen brightness ensures healthy sleep.
  • Apple technology is not only easy to use but thought out to the smallest detail on the outside. For example, the iMac keyboard is very thin and light, and its body is made of aluminum. The mouse of the Apple desktop computer is covered with an acrylic glass.

Free Open-source antivirus software

The installation of correct and effective antivirus software installed on our computers is mandatory. This article will consider the best alternatives to free antiviruses.

Classification of antivirus software products

To ensure the security of your computer or laptop and all data stored on these gadgets, so that your home computer (or laptop) is always in working order and personal data is intact, you must follow certain guidelines when working with your computer, security rules and use additional protection in the form of antivirus software. The information is relevant for users of the Windows operating system. After all, LINUX does not require the installation of antivirus programs.

Antivirus programs were not included in today’s list just like that, they were selected based on the analysis of the results of special tests conducted by independent companies specializing in anti-virus protection testing. These include AV-Comparatives and AV-TEST. In addition, personal experience of using anti-virus programs was taken into account.

The best open source antiviruses

The list of the best open-source antiviruses comprises:

  • Kaspersky Security Cloud Free

Free antivirus for Android and iOS with the latest developments from Kaspersky Lab. The main difference from previous versions is cloud control and remote control. Protects in real-time and provides full support for Windows 10. When updating the OS, there will be no problems with the antivirus. The interface is easy to use, it is possible to run a scan from the main page after installing the program. Then the antivirus database is automatically updated in the background. Web control has improved – you have control of connected devices from your account.

  • Malwarebytes Free for Windows

The program with an intuitive interface in Russian and high-quality protection. Helps fight malware that installs on your computer or laptop. Sometimes it can be hidden. It also saves from advertising that is displayed in the browser and is not removed even from the hundredth attempt. The free version differs from the premium in functionality. Only a thorough search and removal of malware that has already entered the PC is possible. Detection rates are close to ideal, which is noteworthy. Automatic threat checking and analysis is updated once a day.

  • Avira Free Security Suite

Employees of the German Avira offer comprehensive programs. These include an antivirus package that scans all installed software for malicious code without manual settings, Phantom VPN – virtual network, Smart Search – home LAN scanning, Password Manager – capture credentials at initial input and duplicate playback as needed, Windows Optimization – Configuration Check and application of necessary changes.

  • AVG AntiVirus Free

A home PC program quickly finds common viruses. Demonstrates a high level of protection: files are scanned, suspects are excluded from the quick scan list. The included Virus Stalker search engine is certified by laboratories. Treats infected files and does not conflict with them from other manufacturers. The installation process is not complicated, but demanding on the resources of the device.

  • Avast Free Antivirus

In the ranking of popular, Avast ranks first – 400 million users already use this application. There are the necessary programs to protect your PC and home network. Even a beginner will be able to install. The interface is convenient and not demanding on computer resources. Its advantages include the availability of translation to other platforms, high scanning speed, constant release of updates and virus databases, analysis of the behavior of potential threats, work on weak configurations, real-time protection against advertising and viruses.